teakrail theteakrail.com, who tests and reviews the best marine equipment on the market names the SS SERIES LINE LAUNCHER the BEST Line Launcher!

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TREMENDOUS LIFE SAVER! Every tree company should have one to avoid climbing all those dead trees!  -Billy  NC

 I cleared a 150′ ponderosa pine today with my RL Series Line Launcher!  I could not have done that with the big shot! -Randy  WA

I run a tree service with 5 crews.  I equipped each crew with a RL Series Line Launcher.  Great decision!  We are more efficient than we ever were! – Bill  NY

This piece of equipment is incredibly easy to use, I love it! – Gabe  MN

I will never go back to the other line setting tools, they are nothing compared to the RL Line Launcher! – Jim  PA

Where was this 10 years ago when I used to be a climber?  This is a great investment, every tree climber should have one! -Joe  CO

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use my line launcher for work!  I am an insurance adjuster and it allows me to gain access to roofs of houses without worrying about how to transport a huge bulky ladder! -Travis  FL



In 2002 the Rodeo-Chediski fire devastated over 730 sq. miles of forest in Northeastern AZ along the Mogollon Rim. It was the worst fire in AZ history, at least until 2011 when the Wallow fire burned 841 sq. miles in the White Mountains just 75 miles east of the Rodeo-Chediski. Since then, the Forestry Service has been working to restore forested areas by planting seedlings in the “Burn”.  To plant seedlings you need seeds, and since conifer seed must be harvested in the same seed zone as they will be planted, you need to go out into the forest and collect seed cones, and the only reliable way to do that is…climb the tree.

The first year, we used a hand throw line, but since the lowest branch on many trees is 50-75 ft. up, that severely limited our access (we tried to get Payton Manning to come throw a line for us but he was a little tied up.) Then we discovered the Lucky Line Launcher. With a little practice, we could place a line just about anywhere we needed, drastically increasing the number of available trees and also speeding up the rigging process. We were able to increase our harvest by over 300%.  

Thanks again for a great tool!

James Nesslage   Nessco Designs LLC